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  MG-50FX Marshall  
  Marshall MG50FX 12" 50W Marshall MG50FX combo amp delivers 50W for all those guitarists who want more from their amplifier and refuse to sacrifice tone. In addition to the superior Marshall MG4 Series sound, the MG50FX amplifier offers you a fully programmable feature set using digitally controlled analog functions for precise adjustments. Store preferred settings for each mode individually s

  L15P530 WOOFER 15" 350W RMS  
  L15P530 WOOFER  15" 350W RMS  High power 15" mid-bass. Very high sensitivity, excellent linearity and very low distortion. Very efficient heat dissipation in ensured by a radiator that is part of the basket design. The air is forced in the radiator thanks to a sealed spider design. Features 3-inch, edgewound aluminum voice coil 700W continuous program power hand